Beats by Dre

Recently I have bought a pair of Beats by Dre. Let me tell you, if you want good earphones with great quality, i would definatly recomend Beats by Dre. They are the best earphones i have every put on and they have by far the greatest sound quality. They are very very comfortable and they do not hurt to put on and have on for a while. They are very great for long car rides or long distant travel. They also come with a case to hold them in and the earphones themselves can fold up and become a lot smaller so you can carry them around easier.  These headphones are definatly the best ones out there that you can get. Even though the prices of the headphones are very large, i definatly think they are worth it because you great quality mixed with great comfort.  These headphones are also for the look. Beats by Dre are the most popular headphones out there. They are used by everyone. From sports players, to actors, and obviouly musicians. These headphone are concidered a fashion and are used in all sorts of movies, music videos and comercials. They are by far the most well know earphones out there and i definatly think everyone should get a pair.

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Three Things I Wish I Knew before Blogging!

There are many things i wish i knew before i started blogging, but the main three things i wish i knew would be knowing how hard it was going to be blogging about music. When i came into this i didnt know it was going to be this hard to blog about music. I didnt know much about music except that i love listening to it. I didnt know anything else about it, but now that i got into it i have learned much more. I also wish i knew more about the music industry so i couldve been more educated when coming into this. I think i just took this topic that i thought would be really fun and didnt realize i didnt know much about it. But like i said i now know a lot more about the music industy and just music in general and im glad i took this topic. The last thing i wish i knew before coming into this would probably be knowing more about how music was made. Thats one thing i completely didnt know about. I didnt know how musch time goes into making music and how much work and effort it takes to make grat music. But now that i took this topic i really understand a lot more then i used to and i am very happy i took this topic.

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New Music Innovators

The next digital-music disruption could come from one of the five finalists in the Innovators Showcase at Billboard’s upcoming Future Sound Conference. Getmixxd,,, Tixie and Tunezy were chosen from a group of 67 nominees to pitch their product or service to a panel of music technology experts at the conference, which takes place November 15 and 16 in San Francisco. The finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their product/service onstage to a group of judges and receive a dedicated exhibit table for the duration of the event, with one being named the winner. All other applicants that register for the conference will have the opportunity to get a free display table in a special Innovators Showcase section of the conference exhibit area.

The Nominees 

Getmixxd- is an online service that allows people to send online music postcards. is an Iphone app that learns the users music tastes, and recommends playlists to the user. is a music discovery tool that aggregates information and content from across the web. it also recommends new and upcoming artists and songs.

Tixie- is a website and Iphone app that allows you to enter live auctions for concert tickets and live events.

Tunzey- is a music discovery and commerce platform. Musicians can list an unlimited number of merchandise items and experiences for sale for $5 per month. Fans can then browse the website and get recommendations on the artists they follow.



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Breaking Topic

Today i am breaking topic to inform all of you about what is happening in the East Coast. A horrible storm hit the East Coast a couple of days a go and it is very destroying.  Hurricane Sandy is a very big and bad hurricane that is very destroying ,but i think we can help if i get all of your support. If everyone of you gives ten dollars to a charity like Red Cross or AmeriCares etc., we can have a great impact on this horrible disaster. If we can do this then we can make a huge difference in this storm and i think a lot of people would really appreciate it. i know i might be asking a lot and you might be mad because i am not posting about something i normally would, but i will be back posting more about music so stay turn for more news.

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Commenting on Blogs

Commenting on blogs was a great experience because it made me look out to other blogs for good advice about how to make my own blogs better. at first it was hard to find blogs that were in the same area as mine, but i kept looking and i finally found something in my interest. i went to it is a great website on a great and famous rapper, 50 cent. the blog is just about him and the music he makes and some of the videos he made. 50 cent is a very famous rapper that created a very popular group. G-Unit. it is one of the top music groups and productions out there, so commenting was a big thing for me and it was very interesting.

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How to Find New Music

If you are looking to find new music, then you came to the right blog, I will tell you all of the steps to finding new and underground music that could potentially be very hard to find.

I totally know how you are feeling when you cannot find the music that you have heard, but just couldn’t remember. It is a horrible feeling when you want to find out what that song was called, but you just cant. I have two solutions that could really help you out.

Solution 1: My first solution is if you are looking for new music or new mix tapes, i suggest to go the the website called, This website is a great site to go find new and upcoming artist. All you have to do is search the name of you favorite hip hop artist and it will come up with all of his songs and mix tapes. Trust me this website has helped me hundreds of times to find new music and new mix tapes that are very good.

Solution 2: My second solution is if you really want to find the name of a song that you hear but you don’t know, USE SHAZAM! Shazam is the app i posted a few blog’s ago and it is very helpful. All you have to do is go to the I tunes store and download the app. Once you have it, you are set to find music. All you do is when you hear a song on the radio that you don’t know, but you like, you go to Shazam and hold your phone to the speaker and in seconds you will have the name of the song and the name of the artist. It is a great app that i have used many of times and it has been very successful.

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Hopes and Dreams!

Have you ever been to a dance before? I have and i know that some of them can be pretty boring. I also know that a lot of my friends who have attended dance know they are pretty boring too. There are many reasons that we think they are boring, but pretty much the main reason is the music. Here are some ideas on how to fix this problem.

1. i think if we change the music and have the people that are going to the dance choose it, then it will be much more fun. i feel like the music that is played at the dances usually is just very boring and some songs are just very bad to listen to and to dance to.

2. I also feel like the people who put the dances on are asking way to much money for a ticket to go. some dances cost $20. that is way to much for a dance. i think that the tickets should always be $10 because then more people would go. A lot of people cannot afford a dance that costs $20, but plenty of people can afford a $10 dance.

3. Another thing about the dances is that there is way to much supervision. the whole entire dance there are people walking around with flashlights shinning right in your face. i think that that is just very annoying and so does everybody else. i think that we should just be able to dance with out getting in trouble all the time.


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Halloween Music!

If you are wishing you had some great Halloween music for this great time of the year but you cant think of anything, here is a great link to a great website with hundreds of great Halloween songs.

My personal favorite is, Thriller, by Michael Jackson. It is just one of the most popular songs out there that you cant find on Halloween and it is very very good.   

There are also many other great hits on Halloween on the link I posted above and i also recommend if you cannot find anything on that website, to just type in Halloween music hits on your browser and i guarantee you will find something you love.

Halloween music is great for everyone especially at a great party or a great “Haunted House”, but i would make sure you listen to the song before playing it around young kids because some songs can be very scary and it can  change the way young children think of Halloween.

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Have you ever been listening to the radio and you hear a song and you don’t know the name of it?  Well i have a great solution for you. If you have an Iphone or any other smartphone, BUY SHAZAM. Shazam is a great app you can get at the apple itunes store that all you have to do is hold your phone up to the speaker where the song is playing and wait until it gives you the songs name. It also gives you a link to go and buy the song or to go to you tube and listen to it. I really suggest this app because i use it everyday and it always works for me. Trust me and go get SHAZAM!

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Kanye West Sued for Song Sampling!

Kanye West is a very popular Musician that a lot of people love, but it seems like Kanye is being sued for stealing song samples on his new album. It is said that on his new album Kanye uses bits of a 1969 song by a New Orleans legend Eddie Bo in the chart topping 2010 disc “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.


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